Strip Away The Years With Goddess International


Many of your clients come to you expecting a treatment that will leave them looking younger and refreshed. When a standard facial is just no longer cutting it, then try harnessing the very best technology and look at offering microdermabrasion.

Whilst the thought of equipment can be daunting, with Goddess International you can offer microdermabrasion treatments safely, effectively and easily.

A microdermabrasion treatment disperses tiny exfoliating crystals onto the skin which gently remove the outer layer of the skin. This leaves the skin looking softer, brighter and rejuvenated. This deep form of exfoliation revitalises sallow, lifeless, congested and imperfect skin.

The Goddess International Skinapeel machine uses a ‘friendly probe’ to skim the micro crystals over the skins surface. Not only can it offer fabulous facial treatments which diminish pigmentation, stimulates cellular rejuvenation, improves acne scarring and reduces fine lines, it can also provide fantastic body and hand and foot treatments.

Strip Away The Years With Goddess InternationalThe amazing Skinapeel machine is a versatile addition to any salon as it can be used as a pre-treatment preparation to exfoliate areas of dry skin from ankles, knees and elbows, which can then aid the penetration of products. It also provides a great solution for dry ageing hands, age spots and the removal of hard, dry skin from the feet.

The Minipeel Compact from Goddess International means that microdermabrasion does not need to be exclusive to big salons. This smaller, lightweight version of the Skinapeel can be easily stored when space is at a premium, and its easy-carry handle means that mobile therapists can now take microdermabrasion to any client.

The Goddess Diamondpeel is an alternative exfoliation method using vacuum suction and diamond probe heads to exfoliate areas of the Face, Neck and Body using different Diamond Grade heads. The exfoliation process is safe and effective, using a controllable vacuum suction method, the Diamondpeel/Probe Head is placed onto the skin, using specific movements designed to treat areas of concern and give optimum results.

Goddess International not only offer innovative and reliable salon equipment, they also combine this with unparalleled levels of customer service and support, making them a name you can trust.

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