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For many, fighting the signs of ageing or improving the health of skin is an ongoing battle that can’t always be won. So, is Calla-Coll the new tool to help?

There are a million creams, lotions and potions out there that all claim to fight the signs of ageing, but when applied topically there is a limit to what they can do. That has meant that many have turned to invasive treatments such as dermal fillers to reach beyond the surface of the skin. Calla-Coll has been put together with this in mind, and treats the skin from the outside, just without the need for needles.

What Is Calla-Coll?

Calla-Coll is a collagen supplement that helps to boost the body’s own levels of collagen, the stuff the holds the skin tight and stops lines and wrinkles forming. The collagen in our skin starts to diminish from an early age, so replacing it seems a logical way to go about combating ageing. Calla-Coll contains Pure Peptide, Hyaluronic Acid and 10,000 mg of Bovine Collagen (so it’s not suitable for vegetarians) as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6.

It is well known that these vitamins are good the body, and that seems to support the claims that Calla-Coll not only helps the skin but also the nails, hair and joints.

I am usually sceptical about taking these types of supplements, but the benefits of this one intrigued me. It comes in Product Review - Calla-Collliquid form so there are no tablets to swallow. There are other collagen drinks on the market, but most of these need to be taken in large quantities. Calla-Coll only requires you to take a small shot of 25ml per day, making it really easy to take. It is also berry flavoured to make it more pleasant to swallow.


Whilst many products like this come from huge money-making conglomerates, Calla-Coll has a different story. It has been developed by beauty therapist and former nurse Lynne Baker. Lynne is a skin expert

and has spent years researching how she wanted to put the product together to make sure she had exactly the right formulation. Lynne understands skin and how it works, so she was determined to put together a product that would truly benefit the skin.

Does It Work?

The bottle of Calla-Coll that I received lasts for 20 days, but ideally you need to take it for three months to see the optimum results. Sadly, photography is not my strong point, so the before and after photos I planned to use didn’t quite come out as hoped, the results of the product on the other hand, were more of a success.

I am 36 and have some of those tell-tale lines appearing, particularly around my eyes and at the top of my nose, and these do seem to be softer. My overall skin has a new glow to it, and I have been complimented on my skin in person and on photographs, which shows that the difference is visible to more than just me.

My normally fragile nails break easily, even with gel on them, thanks to my tendency to be a little heavy handed. Despite the rough and tumble of half term with two small boys, my nails remain long and strong in situations where I wouldn’t normally have expected them to.

In all honesty, I am the only person on the planet that can’t stand berries, so the flavour wasn’t ideal for me, but I can see that would be enjoyable for most people to take. I found that even if the taste isn’t your first choice, as it is only a small amount, it is easy to drink straight down and follow with a quick of coffee.

The Results

My skin and nails have definitely seen an improvement, and taking a small shot is easy to fit into your day. A 500ml bottle costs just £45, making it significantly cheaper than many of its competitors whilst also containing much higher levels of collagen. So, even in a short time it has improved my skin and nails, is easy to take and is competitive in a busy marketplace. What’s not to like?

You buy yours from Calla Distribution or by calling 01635 749749.

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