ITV-Be Spa Wars Review


Last night saw the launch of the new ITV-Be show Spa Wars. So, was this set to be another trashing of the beauty industry or was there hope of something more?

The show pits three salon or spa owners against each other in each episode to see who comes out on top. After sampling each others treatments, they decide how much they would be prepared to pay for the experience, and the winner is the one with the greatest percentage of their payments.

Narrated by Rylan Clark-Neal, the show is a familiar format using a tried and tested premise. I feared the worst for this show, as many recent forays into the beauty world show those within it as brainless airheads and the industry usually takes yet another battering.

Whilst the industry won’t yet be put on a pedestal, this show does improve on its predecessors. It takes three professional salon owners and showcases their salons and treatments. Whilst they have obviously picked people who will be good characters on television, there is a more professional element to this show, and is more likely to encourage people into the industry.

It was nice to see that one of the salon owners was a man, showing that it is not just a female industry, however, by picking a somewhat eccentric character they perhaps do not show off the accomplished and professional men who work in the beauty world.

By visiting a range of different salons, it does show how different and diverse the beauty industry can be, and that there is more to it than nails and make-up.

Whilst the show is still sensationalised trash, it shines the beauty industry in a more positive light than has been done before. Thank you also to the inimitable Rylan for the phrase “she’s as sharp as a blusher brush” – I’m stealing that one!

Let’s see what the next episode brings on Wednesday at 8pm.

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