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With a current widespread male trend for beards, it was inevitable that products to care for this hairy phenomenon would soon follow. So, when I was sent a beard oil to try I roped in a willing beardy volunteer to give it a trial run.

I am obviously not equipped to test a beard oil, so when the Mr Murphy Beard Oil dropped through my letterbox, I asked a somewhat more hairy friend of mine to give it a try and see what he thought. As we only received a sample size vial rather than a full size product, it was only possible to test it a handful of times. Here is our testers verdict:

“I’ve been using the Mr Murphy Beard Oil for the last five days, applying just a few drops into my hand after I’ve washed my face. At first I found that it made my beard quite greasy and oily, however, after using it for a few days it started to feel less greasy and just made the hair feel quite soft. I also found that after day three, when I woke up the next morning the hair on my face was less dry and brittle as it normally would be and generally felt smoother.

“I thought the smell was quite nice, however it had a hint of blackcurrant in it which took a while to get used to as for the first day, all I could smell all day was the oil. I would have preferred a smell a bit closer to aftershave or cologne but generally the smell wasn’t bad, just fruitier then I would have liked (although my three year old daughter loved it).

“Overall, I thought using it was quite good and it would be something I would consider using again in future.”

The Mr Murphy Beard Oil is a great product for the metrosexual or even the manliest man, which makes it a great retail product to add to your shelves, particularly in the run up to Christmas. The full sized product costs £12.95.

The Beard Oil is available to buy from Dotties Boutique at

Thank you to Mr Pete Scully for his help with this review.


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Overall, I thought using it was quite good and it would be something I would consider using again in future.


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