Samantha Wragg EXCLUSIVE: The Woman Behind THAT Dress


By now you have probably seen a story circulated online about a young woman who has listed her wedding dress on eBay to pay for the cost of her divorce. Whilst there seems nothing strange in this, her rather brutal description of the dress and her “cheating scumbag” ex has sent the listing into the internet stratosphere. Here, we speak to the woman behind it all exclusively.

After the fairytale wedding, Samantha Wragg’s world was turned upside down when her husband left her for another woman. As she was left to foot the bill for the divorce, she decided to put her wedding dress on the selling site to pay for her costs. She was far from prepared for what happened next.

The item description goes into unparalleled levels of explanation as she describes the dress as being in need of a dry clean to rid it of “the stench of betrayal”. She details the beautiful Art Deco dress as “being full of bad memories and shattered hopes and dreams” and listed it for just £500.

Samantha explains in her blog that this was all done as a tongue-in-cheek advertisement in order to get it some attention. However, within days of posting, the story had been picked up by the Mirror, Mail, BBC, ITV and Glamour Magazine to name but a few. Bidding on the dress went crazy and currently stands at £65,000.

Samantha is a good personal friend and has been completely taken aback by the response she has received. Samantha says “I thought someone might pick the story up but I never expected this!” Alongside two marriage proposals, she has been inundated with messages of support and “girl power”.

Whilst she has been through every woman’s worst nightmare, she wishes no ill to her ex and has taken everything in good spirits. When I asked what she would say to others in her position, she told me “I would want them to know that no matter what, they will be ok. You won’t feel like it now but it does get easier”.

It remains to be seen whether any of the eBay bids are genuine, and whether Samantha will manage to sell the dress and possibly scoop the jackpot, but it does show what the power of social media can do. As a lovely person both inside and out, Samantha deserves her happy ending, and as she says “the best revenge is being happy”.

You can follow Samantha’s progess at Good luck Samantha!

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