Salon Stars – Interview With Make-Up Artist Steve Douch


Steve Douch is an experienced make-up artist and now has his own make up range, STV Cosmetics. He is now our next Salon Star!

Steve has been a professional make-up artist for more than 15 years. He started by offering special effects make-up in film and television before moving into salons and spas and starting to use professional make-up brands. This was a dramatic change from his initial career as a carpenter, as his love of horror, zombies and aliens drew him towards the entertainment industry.

Steve is very lucky in his job, as no two days are the same. He is involved in all the day-to-day aspects of his business as well as providing make-up applications, delivering training and attending photo-shoots.

Whilst Steve was successful in his career as a make-up artist, he knew that he wanted to take things further and Salon Stars - Interview With Make-Up Artist Steve Douchspent two years carrying out extensive research into cosmetic products and working with various manufacturers until the range of STV Cosmetics was born. The range was created as Steve felt there were too many colours and too much choice available that often left salons confused and wasting money on products that went unused.

“STV Cosmetics is a compact range but with great and big ambition,” Steve told us. “It has everything you need but put together in a none confusing manner. When that is combined with our great training courses, it is all you need to tap into this lucrative market.”

It might be like asking someone to choose their favourite child, but Steve eventually picked the new BB Cream as one of his favourites from the STV range. “I think the BB Creams are great, they have great skin properties and protection from harmful UV rays, but the most important aspect is even though it gives more coverage than most tinted moisturisers, it leaves the skin looking fresh with a no make-up application look that is both suitable for females and males”.

The brand is now an international range, spreading its beauty as far as Slovenia and the rest of the world certainly Salon Stars - Interview With Make-Up Artist Steve Douchawaits Steve. “I am going to keep on keeping on, I love life and meeting new people and this is what growing is all about. The next opportunity can be just around the corner, nothing is easy in life and its not about the money, but its about being happy and success will always follow”.

Steve looks back across his career with wonderful positivity, not wanting to change a thing. “I have been blessed with great people around me helping me with my journey and I am grateful for that and one day one the time is right I will help someone create their own dreams,” he told us.

Steve’s warm and infectious personality could be one of the reasons for his success. His knowledge and experience put him in a great position to create a range to be used by others in his position. So, what would golden nugget of advice would he give to others?

“Whatever you do best keep doing that, I did and now I have my life dreams all in front of me…”

You can’t argue with that!

You can find out more about STV products and training at

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