Enter The Bronze Age


Over time, trends have changed regarding the levels of tan that people want to show in their skin. In the past, those who were poor generally worked outdoors and were exposed to the sun, so appearing pale was considered desirable as it showed you were wealthy. The advent of foreign travel changed all that, and it was those who could afford to go abroad to bask in the sun that were well off and the tan became the ultimate accessory.

Thankfully, times have changed and we no longer view a tan as a sign of our social standing. We now also know how damaging to our health sun exposure can be, so lying on a sun lounger for hours on end can lead to premature ageing and skin cancer. That doesn’t mean that the desire for a tan has decreased though, as many people now turn to false tanning as a way to achieve the bronzed look without the penalties on health.

Sunbeds are still a feature of some salons, however, these carry the same risks as sun exposure so they do not sit comfortably alongside other treatments which are trying to boost the health of the skin. This means that manual and spray tans are still the best ways to offer clients a spot of colour.

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is the most popular method of salon tanning as it is quick and easy. The spray gun allows the therapist to cover large areas in no time at all and using the minimal amount of product. However, it can be a messy option, as the spray will hit more than just the body it is aimed at. For this reason, most spray tanning companies also retail tents for the client to stand in which will catch any overspray. These tents are convenient and suitable for mobile work but they can be tricky to clean and fold away.

A treatment takes just a few minutes and gives a good level of coverage, although some clients are put off by the idea of standing in front of a therapist in just a set of paper pants.

Manual Tanning

Manual tanning used to be the method of choice but in recent years it has seen a decline in salons. This is because spray tanning offers faster options, but manual tanning is the ay to offer luxury. This kind of treatments allow the client to lie down whilst the tan is applied and can incorporate exfoliation and moisturising procedures to make it feel more of a treat. It is also a great option for those with limited space, as erecting a tent or booth may not be practical in some areas.

Manual tanning also means there are less tanning odours and vapours in the air and less embarrassment for the client. However, the treatment will take much longer, and the price you can realistically charge often does not justify the time.

Whichever tanning treatment you choose to add to your salon, make sure it works for both you and your client, as the bronze age is now in full swing.

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