New Shrinking Violet Spa Treatments


A spa treatment is often one that is special and unique, which is why Shrinking Violet, the inch-loss specialists, have now launched their own dedicated range of spa treatments.

Shrinking Violet is a clinically proven inch-loss body wrap that can strip you of a whole dress size after just one 90 minute application. Its active ingredients penetrate cells, and the fat busting formula acts as an ideal slimming solution, as there is a 2.5% fat reduction per application.

The beauty of a Shrinking Violet treatment is that it is both painless and effortless and targets typical problem areas such as the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. It also works on those age old problems of cellulite, fluid retention sluggish circulation and detoxification.

Shrinking Sheer Bliss Treatment
This 90 minute spa treatment incorporates body brushing and full body exfoliation to refresh and stimulate. It includes bespoke lymphatic body mapping followed by a lymphatic drainage massage which is tailored to the individual needs of your body using the clinically proven Shrinking Violet inch-loss oil. Your lymphatic system will be decongested whilst the fat busting formula shrinks those inches forming an intensive anti-cellulite treatment which encourages the elimination of toxins and excess fluid, boosts circulation and offers fantastic inch-loss results.

Shrinking Extreme Booster Treatment
This ultimate extreme boost gives you 180 minutes of Shrinking Violet technology. The treatment combines the powerful results of a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap with the blissful, relaxing, bespoke massage ritual of Shrinking Sheer Bliss. This not only reduces fat, detoxifies and improves cellulite and fluid retention; it also gives your body confidence a massive boost. This amazing combination treatment helps to target all of your problem areas whilst also leaving the skin feeling firmer, smoother and more toned. This Shrinking Extreme Booster gives unparalleled results in fat reduction and body sculpting.

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