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In the beauty industry, Sweet Squared has long been a by-word for quality and integrity where nail products are concerned. This makes their recent foray into the world of Color Proof hair care a very exciting one.

I am someone who loves their hair, and I have rather too much of it! My hair is long, think and coloured, and so looking after it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. When Sweet Squared asked me to try their new range of hair care products specifically designed for coloured hair, I just couldn’t resist.

The range in question is called Color Proof and in typical Sweet Squared style, it is exclusively for the use of hair professionals only.

The Color Proof Brand

Product Review- Color Proof Hair Care RangeColor Proof was created by Jim Markham and uses sustainable, ethical and indulgent ingredients. The exciting ingredients offer full spectrum UVA/UVB colour protection and is both sulphate-free and salt-free creating a 96% color retention. Nano Emulsion technology allows active ingredients to deeply penetrate the hair shaft to both strengthen and repair. Elasticity is restored and revolutionary polymers shrink wrap hair for unsurpassed heat and colour protection. The products are 100% vegan, gluten free and are not tested on animals. They are free of parabens and mineral oils and provide natural conditioning to balance, nourish, and protect.

My package of products to review included the ClearItUp Detox Shampoo, SuperRich Moisture Condition, PureRelease Instant Detangle, UltraMarathon Strong Hold Hairspray, and the AllAround Flexible Hold Hairspray.

ClearItUp Detox Shampoo

Product Review - Color Proof Hair Care RangeThe essence of the Color Proof products is to help maintain your colour whilst also leaving you with healthy and attractive hair. My hair has always needed a lot of work due to its length, at one point it was even below my waist. These days it is a more manageable length but it is still thick and in need of good products to keep it looking good. The addition of colour has it made it even harder to maintain and so I was keen to see if Color Proof could really make a difference. It did!

The vibrancy and shine of my colour has definitely been maintained much longer than normal, with only my roots giving away how long it has been since my last touch up. The shampoo needs to be left on your hair for two minutes before rinsing, allowing the ingredients time to really work their way into the hair. As it is a professional product, it is not packed with filler ingredients, and so just little shampoo goes a long way, meaning that the bottle lasted much longer than my usual high street brands. After just the first wash my hair was feeling soft and clean, and I gradually noticed an improvement in the bounce and life of my hair. With heavy hair this is not an easy thing to achieve, so it was lovely to experience health and shine in my hair without the synthetic coatings that many cheaper brands tend to use.

SuperRich Moisture Condition

This conditioner offers instant gratification with the inclusion of the scent of mojito mint. The aromatherapy essence fills the shower and leaves a gentle scent on your hair for a good while after. The conditioner really helped to make my hair soft and touchable. My hair can be quite unruly, particularly a while after it has been cut, and this conditioner was fantastic at keeping it under control.

Again, very little product is needed for each use, and combined with the Detox Shampoo it really helped to make my hair healthy, and maintain the blonde that could be so damaging to my hair. Like many others, I put my hair through a lot, including colouring and heat, yet the conditioner did a great job of protecting my hair  even many weeks after my last colour treatment.

PureRelease Instant Detangle

Product Review - Color Proof Hair Care RangeDespite having hair with a mind of its own, I have never actually tried a detangling spray. After just the first use of this product it was clear to me that it was really the hero of the range. A liberal application to wet hair made it instantly easy to brush through without pulling or breakages. Even after swimming, when my hair is in its worst possible mess, it was quickly detangled with the use of this amazing spray. Finally, I can stop tugging and fighting with my hair, and leave it in worse and worse condition, as this spray is something I really have to continue using.

UltraMarathon And AllAround Hairspray

Long, thick and heavy hair makes styling an impossible chore most of the time. Even with intensive methods, my chosen style has often dropped before I even leave the house, so these hair sprays made a refreshing change. Lightly scented, these sprays hold on to a style effectively but still leaving your hair soft and touchable, not stiff and crunchy!

I can highly recommend adding these professional products to your salon shelves. Your clients will love their addition to your treatments, and they are an easy retail brand that will keep clients coming back for more. To find out about how you can get your hands on the Color Proof range, go to

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This range is must for anyone with coloured hair!


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