Should Beauty Therapists Offer Injectable Treatments?


Growing old gracefully appears to be going out of fashion. More and more people, women particularly, are opting to make serious changes to their appearance in the quest for eternal youth.

Surgery is one option, but this is extremely costly and many are put off by the seriousness of the procedure they must go through. It is for this reason that injectable treatments such as Botox and fillers are becoming increasingly popular. In an effort to cash in on this trend, beauty salons are beginning to offer these treatments, but should they?

At the moment, such injectable treatments should be prescribed by a medical professional with a licence to prescribe when they are face to face with the client. This means a doctor, nurse or dentist. However, who is allowed to administer the injections is more of a grey area. There is training available to allow beauty therapists themselves to inject the client. In my view the extent of this training is questionable at best.

There are huge risks associated with these injectables, which include anaphylactic shock and in extreme cases cardiac arrest. The basic first aid training that a beauty therapist is likely to have is simply not enough to deal with these potentially fatal complications. There are also wide ranging contra-indications that a therapist must be aware of, some of which require a greater medical understanding than others. The final concern is that the short period of training a therapist will receive does not fill me with confidence that they will always identify the correct area to inject.

With so many factors involved, a client really is putting their life in the hands of the person administering the treatment. Whilst a beauty therapist might be cheaper, I doubt the saving is worth the potential real cost.

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