How Much Harm Does Animal Testing Do?


Every single one of us uses cosmetics every day. Whether it is skincare, make-up or shampoo, we all happily cover ourselves in the stuff, safe in the knowledge that it will not harm us.

The reason that it will not do any damage is because every product has been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer, often on animals. There are some brands who claim not to adhere to this practice but these are still in a minority.

The fact is that we need these products to be tested for absolutely everything before they are released onto the market. Whilst no-one likes the idea of lipstick being tested on a puppy, none of us our putting our children forwards to be the proverbial guinea pigs either.

I have a young baby, and I want to know that everything I put on his skin is safe. I take great care over his diet and hygiene, so naturally I take the same care with bathing and cleaning products. If it is a choice between animal testing and my son suffering an allergic reaction, I know which one I will choose.

Whilst I respect those who choose to buy products which have not been tested on animals, it is important to keep in mind that not everything is as it seems. Is the product you favour available in China? If so, there has probably been an element of animal testing involved. If a product is on sale in China, the Chinese government require it to have been tested on animals. So, whilst a product that hadn’t gone through such testing might have been on our shelves for years, it will have to relent if it wants to enter the lucrative Chinese market.

Of course, I do not advocate unnecessary cruelty, but whilst test-tube testing is still in comparative infancy I will take comfort from the full and thorough testing. I won’t put my son at risk, will you?

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