Do Gel Enhancements Spell The End For Healthy Nails?


I am a gel nails devotee. There, I said it. Am I concerned about the health of my nails? No. Why? Because my nails are applied, removed and cared for by a professional.

There are so many wonderful scare stories to be found online and in certain tabloid newspapers that if we believed them all we’d never leave the house. One of those stories that gets wheeled out periodically is that artificial nails are bad for your health. However, in its most simplistic form this just isn’t true.

If your teeth need a filling you go to a dentist you know is properly qualified. If you decide to have that mole removed you choose a professional. The same rules apply to beauty.

If you visit someone who uses counterfeit or inferior products it is likely you will have problems. If you visit someone with poor hygiene then an infection of some sort comes as part of the price. If your nail technician thinks that preparation involves filing so many layers off that you are starting to see bone, it will probably sting a bit.

A professional nail technician will approach the whole gel enhancement treatment gently, hygienically and professionally. You will not get a burning sensation and your nails will not look like shovels at the end of it.

So why do people continue to visit these sub-standard technicians? They are cheap. The old adage of getting what you pay for is certainly true in this case, and often the price you pay for gel enhancements will be far greater than a few pounds. Infections and long-term nail damage are rife and personal service is certainly lacking.

When you visit a salon of well trained professionals your nails will take more than 45 minutes and will probably be more expensive. You will also leave with beautiful and healthy nails. The infills and removals that will be required will be handled gently, without discomfort or damage to the nails.

Those who believe the hype have probably never visited a professional salon. Go on, treat yourself.

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