Do Men Get A Raw Deal In Beauty Salons?


One of the biggest emerging trends in the beauty industry is male grooming, but it could be much bigger. Despite there being more clients wanting treatments, there are more salons turning men away.

Many salons and therapists are now implementing policies on whether they will accept male clients. Whilst some of these will be based on bad experience, the majority will have used hearsay and scare stories to formulate their ideas.

Of course, all therapists should take sensible measures to keep themselves safe, but why does the entire male sex have to be branded as fiends and monsters? The majority of men booking for treatments are perfectly innocent and want nothing more than the procedure they have booked.

Instead of writing terms and conditions that prevent men from entering a salon, businesses should instead try employing a little common sense. Advertising massage services on free classified websites will always attract the wrong kind of attention, but these individuals should be easy to filter out when they call.

Salons should take care not to confuse a nervous male client with one that is up to no good. Most men are not familiar with the salon environment and are likely to have a wide variety of sometimes strange questions.

What should I wear?
Can I be naked?
Do I need to do anything in advance?
Should I come alone or bring someone with me?
Will the treatment be private?

These are all normal questions and it is worth remembering that a new male client is probably more nervous about the treatment than the therapist. However, once a man is happy with a salon, he is likely to be amongst the most loyal of clients.

Salons need to be wary of all new clients, male or female, and should take necessary precautions to protect their therapists, but this should not be at the expense of a lucrative and appreciative client base.

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