Putting Polygel Nails To The Test


I am a gel nails devotee. My own skills when it comes to painting a nail are pitiful so I love how gels give me beautiful nails every day. As someone who is pretty heavy handed, I put these nails to the ultimate test, so now it’s time to see how Polygel from Gelish fares.

Over the years I have tried a number of gel brands and found that many do not stand up to the rigorous workout that I tend to give them. There were regular breakages and lifting no matter what I did, so I found myself a very talented nail technician who offers the Gelish range. The first thing that has impressed me has been the vast range of colours. I have found a number of other brands are lacking when it comes to the shades on offer so as a lover of bright colours and a bit of sparkle, I was sold!

At my latest appointment I had a couple of nails that were shorter than the others so we decided to build them up to match the rest. I have not had any kind of extensions for years, so I was wondering what technique she would use. That’s when the Polygel came out.

Polygel is a brand new formula offered by the experts at Gelish, and I have been watching its recent launch with interest. This new form of gel is squeezed out of the tube and sliced so that it forms the perfect ball on the nail. There is no mixing, and no running of the product meaning it can be manipulated into the perfect shape. It stays exactly where the technician puts it and does not start to cure until it is under the lamp, so it meant sculpting two new extensions was as easy as it could possibly be.

Once the nails were cured, they felt strong and secure, without the sometimes uncomfortable pressure that glued tips can create. The application of the normal Gelish products was easy, and a bright summery pink with a glitter fade was the perfect nail pick-me-up.

Time will tell as to how the Polygel scultps will survive (I am a nail technicians worst nightmare), but so far I have already caught them on a car door, tried to slice them with a knife and soaked them in water whilst bathing the children, and they feel every bit as secure and beautiful as they were in the salon.

Polygel looks to be the next game changer in the nail industry. With something that is so easy to work with and yet still remains strong and durable, it is going to be difficult for nail technicians to resist. Find out more about Polygel at www.nailharmony.co.uk. My wonderful nail technician can be found on Facebook when searching for Gabriela B.

Can you tell which two nails were extended?

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