The Bush Is Back – Or Is It?


Most therapists working in the professional beauty industry will have been asked to help their clients bare all when it comes to hair removal. However, is the trend here to stay?

Since the early 1990s, there has been an increasing popularity for an ‘all off’ approach to pubic hair. As many find the home methods of razors and depilatory creams too awkward, or the regrowth too sore, clients have gradually been beating a path to their local salon for a waxing treatment instead.

The adult entertainment industry has been credited with starting this fad, but it has now evolved further than that into a full blown fashion. More and more therapists are now training in intimate waxing treatments, and keeping abreast of the trends can be a job in itself. From the Brazilian, Hollywood, Californian, Playboy or Bollywood there is a form of topiary for everyone, and that’s just the women! Men are now a growing customer base too, and so hair down there has been derided for years.

However, there are signs that the tide may be turning. With a number of celebrities including the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow stating that they prefer a more natural look, some women are starting to reconsider. There are very split opinions on the subject, with some questioning the hygiene of a blooming bush, whilst others are appalled at the prepubescent look.

For some the compromise is through style. Whilst avoiding whipping it all off, pubic hair can be shaped, coloured and bejeweled, with imagination seeming to be the only limitation.

Personally, I cannot see the trend for the Brazilian diminishing any time soon, but the bush is most definitely more than a feminist statement these days. What it does mean is there is a whole new raft of maintenance treatments that a therapist can offer.

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