Kate Middleton Leads The Way In Pregnancy Skincare


It is fair to say that the Duchess Of Cambridge looks stunning on every occasion, and being a mother with another little one on the way has not hindered this. She has credited her recent radiance to a strict skincare regime that could also benefit your business.

Despite the famous pregnancy glow, many mums-to-be often feel tired and drawn. A combination of sickness and raging hormones can be less than kind to your skin. Instead of blooming, you usually feel spotty and pale.
Kate Middleton believes that it is Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil that has kept her looking so fabulous throughout her pregnancy. She has reportedly been very careful in selecting the products she uses to ensure that the future prince or princess is well looked after.
For those with their own beautiful bumps who feel they need a little pick-me-up, a trip to the salon could be just what is needed. Offering a range of treatments specifically for pregnant women could bring you a whole new range of clients.
When pregnant it is easy to be scared of using anything on your skin for fear it is on the ever-increasing banned list. However, a professional treatment can leave your mummy feeling yummy whilst also giving her the peace of mind that the treatment is safe.
Tailoring treatments at pregnant women can also give you a great retail opportunity as ladies look to stock up on the items that leave them looking and feeling great.
Needless to say, it is of paramount importance that you understand all the products and treatments that you offer, and check that they are safe for pregnant women. You can check with your product suppliers and it may even be worth enrolling on a training course for pregnancy treatments.
Always treat a pregnant woman with caution, and if you are in any doubt whether it is safe, do not go ahead and refer the client to their GP or midwife.

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