Do You Offer Treatments To The Trans Community?


These days many salons have a policy on whether or not they will treat male clients. But what if those men are also women?

The ‘trans’ community is a growing one but remains relatively underground. Whether the client lives as a woman or has undergone surgery, they will need slightly different treatments, which will require sensitivity and discretion. Because of this, it can make it difficult for a client to wander into just any salon.

Popular treatments include electrolysis, make-up and skincare. Your clients will need a therapist with specialist knowledge of hair removal, particularly on the face, skincare for a male complexion and make-up and contouring skills that can help to feminise the features. You could also offer make-up tutorials to give your clients more confidence in doing this for themselves.

Due to the delicacy of the situation, many ‘trans’ clients look for a salon that they know they can trust and will offer the quality of treatments that they require. Once a client finds such a place they are likely to tell other members of the ‘trans’ community and remain extremely loyal.

The ‘trans’ community is a great one to be involved in and can be an incredibly valuable client base. So, why not invite a community that is normally discriminated against into your salon and see everyone benefit.

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