How Important Is A Salon’s Web Presence?


These days beauty therapists put a lot of time, effort and expense into their training. Then they choose the best products and kit out the most beautiful salon. What is the point if no-one knows they are there?

A good website is one of today’s biggest selling tools for any business. Available to every potential client 24 hours a day, there is simply no substitute for this kind of marketing. It can be found by people who are not looking for you specifically and never needs to be out of date. However, many salons and therapists simply do not seem switched on to this technology.

Many are still investing in leaflet drops, Yellow Pages adverts and newspaper advertising, fearing that a website will be too expensive. Others realise the benefits of a site but still do not put any money into it, opting instead for free DIY options which look anything but professional and lack the vital search engine optimisation that they need in order to be found.

Not only does the poor quality of these free sites help to put clients off, it can also leave therapists open to fines having inadvertently covered the sites in images they do not have the copyright to.

A professional web developer can help to avoid these pitfalls. Whilst a good website will require financial investment, it will also cancel out the need for a lot of other costly and less effective marketing techniques.

A good website from a trained professional will do a lot of the work for you. It is something you can continually update, there is no limit on space meaning you can describe treatments in any amount of detail, and you can show off beautiful images of your work and salon.

So, can a salon really afford to live without a good website? If you think not, click here for a web development business that I recommend.

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