Why Retail Shouldn’t Be A Dirty Word


Many therapists have spent vast amounts of time and money training to be specialists in their field. However, their love for beauty rarely translates into a love for selling the products that go along with it.

When running a business, you will spend hours researching the best skincare, nail products or spray tans to offer your clients. You want a product that offers results, is easy to use and your clients will enjoy. Each company will offer its own range of retail products that most therapists put on a shelf in reception to gather dust.

If this sounds familiar to you then you should look at that shelf and calculate how much money is sat on top of it. Do you really want it to just sit there filling up space or do you want to sell it and enjoy the profits?

The trick to retailing most products is not to think of it as selling, instead just consider it to be aftercare. These products are designed to prolong the effects of your treatments and treat problem areas, leaving your clients even more satisfied.

When going through your clients aftercare simply recommend the products as you go along so that the client understands the importance. If you really can’t face even doing this, then try building the cost of a product into each treatment so that the clients believe they are getting something for nothing.

Your suppliers are there to support you and have the same aims. They want your customers to return and so many will walk you through the products and the best ways to sell them. Some even have schemes and online ordering systems that can make retailing to your clients even easier.

Don’t forget, a retail product doesn’t encourage clients to do it themselves at home, it helps the client feel happy with their treatment and makes them want to come back.

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