New Sensitive Skin Range From Living Nature


Living Nature are a certified natural skincare and cosmetics range from New Zealand. After 28 years of success with their various skincare lines, they have now launched their brand new Sensitive Skin range.

The Living Nature Sensitive Skin products are a selection of face care products specifically designed for use on sensitive skin. They contain only pure, certified natural ingredients and combines the soothing, hydrating gel produced by the New Zealand Harakeke Flax Plant, with the skin nurturing properties of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, to deeply hydrate, nourish, protect, soothe and calm sensitivities.

One of the main reasons that sensitive skin suffers require their own range of skincare is due the fragrances and chemicals contained within most standard skincare lines. The Living Nature Sensitive Skin products are free from fragrances and allergens to help combat sensitivities and they are confirmed to be non-irritating, dermal tested and hypoallergenic according to an independent Australian laboratory.

The range also includes D-glucuronic acid and D-zylose, and provides excellent healing properties. Living Nature takes great care to produce a 100% natural gel, with no synthetic ingredients added during the production process.

The Living Nature Sensitive Skin range is comprised of:

Sensitive Cleanser (RRP £21 for 100ml, wholesale orice £10.50 plus VAT) – a mild, soap-free cleanser that gently removes make-up, impurities and skin debris without irritation.

Sensitive Hydrating Toner (RRP £21 for 100ml, wholesale price £10.50 plus VAT) – soothes, hydrates and tones sensitive skin without irritation. It nurtures the integrity of the skin’s barrier function to restore elasticity, and reduce redness, signs of ageing and moisture loss.

Sensitive Day Moisture (RRP £26.50 for 50ml, wholesale price £13.25 plus VAT) – a gentle daytime moisturiser which provides effective, nourishing care without irritation. The skin is softened, rejuvented and protected whilst collagen levels are increased.

Sensitive Night Moisture (RRP £26.50 for 50ml, wholesale price £13.25 plus VAT) – a gentle moisturiser for deep overnight nourishment. It supports the skin’s natural cell renewal process without irritation.

Salons can purchase the Sensitive Skin Range stand-alone package, including merchandising stand, testers, sample envelopes, posters and brochures, for £150 plus VAT.

The Living Nature Sensitive Skin range is out now. For more information contact Botanical Brands Limited on 0845 250 8455, email or visit

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