How Much Do You Value Yourself?


When a beauty therapist sets up their own business there are many things to take into consideration. One thing which seems to be thought about last is how much to pay yourself, so, are you under-valuing yourself?

Whilst you may love your job, we are all at work in order to make a living. Any professional therapist should be looking to bring home a satisfactory wage that they can live off, however, it seems that many do not.

When planning your business and deciding on treatment prices, you should always have your own wage at the back of your mind. If you are not left with any surplus from your treatment prices once your overheads are paid, then there is nothing left to pay yourself.

Many people decide on their wages in different ways, but one thing it is important to consider is how much your time is worth. You have invested time and money in training to make sure that you are the best therapist you can be. This means that when a client comes to you for a treatment, they are getting more than a spot of relaxation, they are getting your knowledge, expertise and time. You are a professional and should be recognised as such.

One thing you should try and decide is what your hourly wage should be. If a salon owner offered you £4.50 an hour would you take it? If the answer is no, then why is it acceptable to pay yourself that amount? Decide what you think a fair hourly wage is and then factor it in to the costs of each treatment. Remember that some treatments are longer than others, so you should break down or multiply your hourly rate accordingly.

We are part of a self-effacing society that does not like to shout about how amazing we are, but sometimes you have to put that aside and really recognise your skills and what they are worth.

Your hourly rate will be dependent on your area and your skills, so it is not the same for everyone, but when it comes to selling your skills, don’t under-estimate what you are worth.

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