Is Your Salon Summer Ready?


The sun is finally out and summer seems to be fast approaching. Whilst we will be planning our own summer fun and holidays, have you been planning how your business can maximise the better weather?

The first rays of sun can start everyone thinking about losing the woolies and letting our skin see daylight. This means a large number of clients, or potential clients, will be looking at their bodies and considering how they can get ready for their bikini.

This means there will be a high demand for hair removal, spray tanning, pedicures and even body wrapping to ensure that they look the best for the beach. Instead of waiting for clients to walk in and book these treatments, you need to go out and grab them.

It may be worth considering offering a beach body package that rolls a number of these treatments into one. If you can get a client to book multiple treatments then there is less work for you in trying to fill those appointment slots. Whether you offer a discount or throw in a freebie goody bag of aftercare products, if a client thinks they are getting a good deal, they are more likely to book.

You also need to consider how and where you can promote these packages. Your salon window will have a limited reach, so look at gyms or hairdressers that may allow you to leave leaflets or posters. If you live in a tourist area, you could try and leave details with local hotels to catch those holidaymakers who didn’t have time for preening and pampering before they set off.

Whatever your approach, don’t wait until the holidays are upon us to plan how you can get your salon summer ready. Act now, and get in there first!

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