Can I Specialise Beauty Therapy Training?


The beauty industry is a vast one and covers a great range of treatments. When it comes to running a beauty training school, it is not always necessary to offer courses in everything. Specialising your training can be a fantastic way to carve out a reputation for yourself.

Whether you are running an existing school or setting up a new one, you may not be enthusiastic about teaching every treatment that is on offer in today’s beauty market. If you have a passion for one particular area of beauty then it may be worth considering specialising your training.

Specialising can take a couple of different routes. You may choose to offer courses exclusively covering one subject, or still continue to offer a limited range of other treatments but have a larger and more extensive selection of courses in your chosen discipline.

Whether it is skincare, nails, waxing or tanning that floats your boat, there are a range of different courses you can offer. You can provide training from a beginner level up to the most advanced, and also detailed courses in elements of your treatment such as nail art, intimate waxing or body contouring for example.


It should go without saying, but you should ensure that you are more than adequately trained in every subject that you wish to offer. If you intend to specialise in a treatment, you will be expected to know every facet of it, inside and out. You will also need to hold any relevant teaching qualifications.


A number of therapists have carved out reputations as industry leaders by choosing to specialise their training. It is possible to become a by-word for your subject, and such a reputation can lead to a very full diary.


You should not jump in to specialising too quickly; it is something which needs very careful consideration. Whilst you have the potential to become very successful, if you are not careful, you may find that you have limited your offerings too much. This can mean that you simply do not attract the numbers of students that you anticipated.


In some cases of specialising, you may want to align yourself with a particular brand. Many brands look for educators across the country and may wish to include your school. You should consider this carefully as they may require you to teach your courses using their methods, and therefore limit your creativity.

To specialise in a subject you need more than just a good understanding, it is something that you have to have a real passion for. This will be immediately obvious to your students and will be not only infectious but inspiring.

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