Can I Offer Beauty Therapy Distance Learning Courses?


One increasingly popular method of obtaining a qualification is through distance learning. This is a cheaper and more convenient way to train for both students and schools. However, in the beauty industry distance learning can also have its pitfalls.

With so many people having busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to find the time to re-train or extend your knowledge. So many people are trying to balance work, family and travel and struggle to know where they will be able to squeeze in a training course.

This is where distance learning comes in. Courses can be provided in book form through the post, on DVD or more often, online. The student can work through the course content from the comfort of their own home, meaning they will not need to take time off work or find childcare. From the perspective of the school it can also be convenient. Students can enrol at any time and so you do not need to organise course dates or worry about filling a course. It also means that you will not have the initial outlay of products, equipment and premises for each student.

How Does It Work?

Whether you put the course into printed form or online, you simply need to provide all of the detail from your course manuals. There are various types of software available that will help you to put this online. You can include diagrams, photographs and even videos to accompany your text. You will also need to create an assessment that can be sent to the student. Once they pass you can simply post out their certificate.

What’s The Catch?

Distance learning seems like such an easy way to teach and learn, so why aren’t more people doing it? The problem is that the beauty industry is hands-on. You not only need to know the theory, you also need to be able to perform the treatment. It is therefore very difficult to assess a student through distance learning as you cannot simply take their word for it that they know how to perform a massage, for example. Many accreditation companies also shy away from distance learning courses for this reason.

Is There A Way?

It can still be possible to offer distance learning courses, you just need to be a little creative. How you perform the assessment can depend on what the treatment is. Some nail companies ask the student to perform the treatment on a training hand and send it in, others ask for videos and some offer a practical assessment day at their school once the theory work has been completed.

You can offer distance learning courses and they be very lucrative for your business. Before starting, talk to your accreditation company and try to find a method of assessment that is suitable for everyone.

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