Marketing Your Beauty Therapy Training School


Marketing is an important tool in promoting your business, but many business owners are put off, believing that it is both expensive and complicated. However, it does not have to be this way, and a successful marketing strategy can really help to boost your revenue.

Online Marketing

In the world of marketing, the internet is your friend. A good online presence can be vital to make your business visible to a huge number of potential customers. A website can cost little or nothing if you build it yourself, however, for a really professional appearance you will need to employ a web development company. If you shop around for a good developer you may find that it does not cost as much as you may think. A website can work for you 24 hours a day and can act like a shop window even when you are not available.

Once you have a website, you will need to make sure it appears as high as possible on Google when people are searching. Your web developer should be able to help you design a website that ranks well, but there are also certain companies available who specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO) who can help boost your rankings further and manage online advertising campaigns using Google AdWords. Take a look at SF Media for a good example of a company who can help you with this.

Social Media

There are now a massive number of people who use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, both on a personal level and for their businesses, and you should be capitalising on this. Create pages for your business on as many social media sites as possible and start posting. Encourage friends, family and clients to share your posts in order to increase the number of people who follow you.

You should make sure that you post regularly in order to keep your presence up, however, be careful not to post too many times as this can annoy and cause people to block you. You can use your posts to promote offers, detail the benefits of your courses and post pictures of your classes. Make sure that you have the students permission to post any photos of them, and tag them in the picture so that they can see it and share it themselves.


Videos can be an interesting way to promote your courses as they allow students an insight into how your courses are run. Keep the clip short and informative and post it on your website and on social media platforms. A video can take away the feeling of fear and the unknown for potential students as they feel they know what to expect.


Advertising in a local newspaper can be expensive, but this not the only way to get your business featured. Try inviting a journalist to visit your school and take part in a class. This will make them much more likely to write a feature about your school in the paper, including photographs and it will probably be more prominent and larger than most adverts.

Industry Websites

You can use industry websites to great advantage as they will have more beauty professionals or potential students as their audience. Try and get your business listed in as many directories as possible so that you can be found in amongst your competition. Many companies who offer accreditation also include directory listings as part of the fee. As their audience is much better quality than most others, this can be a good place to invest in display advertising, as you are more likely to reach the most relevant people.

Whatever path you choose with your marketing, try and put yourself in the position of your students. Ask yourself what information you would want to know and what would tempt you to book a course. Do not be afraid to sing your own praises and shout about the features that make your course great.

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