Make-Up Tips For Mature Skin


We all have own style when it comes to make-up, but as we get older these techniques don’t always stand the test of time, so here we have a range of make-up tips for mature skin.

  • The best way to disguise fine lines and wrinkles is through a good skincare routine. Use products designed for your skin type every day to combat the first signs of ageing. A good diet, plenty of water, no smoking and staying out of the sun will also help.
  • Mature skin can be more absorbant, causing feathering and bleeding. Specific primers for the face, lips and eyes create a better surface on which to apply your make-up.
  • Eyebrows tend to thin when older so shape and colour needs to be subtly restored either with brow shaping products such as pencils and mousses or with a professional tinting treatment.
  • As gravity takes over, the face starts to sag, so using a highlighter on the cheekbone can help to lift the appearance of the face.
  • The eye area can be a big giveaway as to your age, so good eye products are essential. A good concealer will hide thinning skin and light, matte eyeshadows create a socket line and help to open up the eyes.
  • To choose the right colours for your skin you need to know whether you have warm or cool undertones. The best way to find this out is to look at the veins on the inside of your forearm; if they tend to be blue then you have cool undertones and green veins indicate warm undertones. Those with cool undertones should favour blues, greens, pinks and purples, whilst warm tones tend to suit yellows, oranges, browns and warm reds.
  • One wonderful secret for mature skin is the use of mineral make-up such as Cozmetic Lab. There is a tendency to think that you need to lay it make-up on thick to cover lines and wrinkles, but this can actually clog the skin and settle into any lines. Mineral make-up allows the skin to breathe and does not settle into crevices. It also has light-diffusing properties to soften the appearance of those pesky lines.
  • Older skin can start to become quite uneven in its tone, so you need to find a foundation that will even out your skin tone.
  • The lips of mature women can become thin, so to make them appear fuller opt for neutral shades such as delicate pinks and corals, but try to avoid beige as it can make the teeth look yellow. Whilst matte lipsticks are on-trend, cream finishes suit mature lips better as it has a less drying effect. Glossy lips give radiance as long as you make sure the colour does not bleed.

No matter what your age, you are the best person to judge what suits you. Embrace your look and wear it with confidence and you are sure to dazzle wherever you go!

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