New Year New You Beauty Trends*


The beauty industry thrives on innovation; with each year bringing our attention to the next big thing in skincare, nails and make-up. With a direction into a more organic realm of beauty, we can expect some more green goodness bursting onto the scenes this year; but what are the biggest trends to expect across the beauty industry?


With 2017 being the year to shine, we will see the return of metallic eye make-up, a functional pop of colour to add into your daily routine, which offers both a glamourous and on trend look. However, we are also looking at a year of clear, healthy skin; which means taking a step back from strobing, baking and contouring. Skin that is fresh, healthy and glowing paired with bold eyes or bold lips is the perfect look for this year.


2017 will see the rise of charcoal in the mainstream beauty industry. Many bloggers have started to experiment with activated charcoal masks, which are receiving the highest praise due to charcoals vacuum like properties, ridding of blackheads, excess oil and dirt; something that has been an aim for many women for years. Expect to see many products hitting the shelves offering a look into the charcoal world.

Amongst other natural remedies, another to break onto the mainstream scene is Rosehip oil, offering many healing properties, it’s a favourite amongst celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr. Having been used by Ancient Egyptians and Mayans, it’s a well known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. With vitamin C and lycopene included in the properties of rosehip oil, it repairs the skin’s surface, restores elasticity and protects against sun and pollution stress.


The nail trends to have hit the runway this year are a far cry from the trends of 2016, with grayscale nails taking precedent; from a delicate watercolour look with a wash of gray at the tips of your nail, to a full pastel grey coverage; there is a call for subtle and cool this year. Cloudy and soft pinks are making the rounds, accompanied by a slightly squarer nail to add some grit to the colour. Like the aforementioned make-up trends, metallic pops within your look are set to be the making of the top fashionable looks this year, so why not add a pop with your nails?


With a plethora of hair styles hitting the catwalks for the upcoming season, we have picked out the best hairstyles to follow this year. Super sleek is up first, with a complete u-turn on the beach goddess look that has dominated for many years, it’s time to break out the straighteners and get yourself some sleek, shiny and centre-parted locks; healthy, straight and fierce! The hair flip is back! Gone are the days of this style belonging solely to school girls, but instead it’s the chosen style for many influential ladies this year. With little to no effort required, simply flip your hair from one side to the other to create a voluminous look. This look is set to be the favourite amongst the masses of women who have been longing for a no-fuss style.

With all these incredible trends to come, you can showcase many of them on yourself, giving your customers the ‘top trends’ all-in-one look. Beautifully fresh face, metallic eyes, grayscale nails and a great almighty hair flip adding the cherry on the top! Of course, all of this would not be complete without the addition of a crisp new uniform to start the year of right. Go forth and conquer 2017 in the most stylish way possible.

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