Don’t Let Brexit Hold Your Beauty Business Back


Whether you were in the Leave or Remain camp, Brexit has turned the country upside down. So, has this made you question your business plans?

No matter which way you voted, the decision to leave the EU has left us with more questions than answers. With the leadership of the two main political parties up in the air, and the negotiation of the leaving process not even underway, it is difficult to know what the future holds for any of us. With that in mind, have you changed your plans for your business?

I am hearing from a number of suppliers that salons and colleges are currently acting with great caution, and who can blame them? The economic markets are less stable than a child on a bouncy castle, the pound has plummeted like a stone and trade agreements are no more than empty promises at the moment. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Many experts predict that things will settle once clear leadership is in place and negotiations are underway.

I am always pretty conservative when it comes to risk-taking, but a level-headed look at the future shows that too much caution now could do nothing more than hold you back. With the Tory leadership, and therefore the next Prime Minister, nit being decided until the end of September, you can see that this is going to be a long process. Once one of the competing ladies takes her place in Number 10, there will be a protracted negotiation with the EU about how and when we leave, as well as the possibility of another general election. If you are waiting for things to settle before advancing your business, you could find yourself years behind your competitors.

Brexit has proved to be a troubling time for many, and whilst some big moves require you to tread carefully, you still cannot afford to let your business become static. If another recession is in the offing, you need to ensure that your business is the best it can possibly be in order to ride it out.

How has Brexit affected your business plans? Did you vote to Leave or Remain? What do you think the country should do next?

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