EXCLUSIVE – Shrinking Violet Now Available In Sally’s


UK Beauty Online can exclusively reveal that from 18th May the Shrinking Violet inch loss body wrap system will be available through Sally Hair & Beauty wholesalers.

With a hundred stores and a massive online presence, Sally’s can help to push the brand further than it has ever gone before. Increased availability means increased awareness, and this can only help to drive more clients to both therapists and trainers.

Shrinking Violet will still be available through Tibby Olivier, but its addition to the Sally shelves makes lives easier for the trained Shrinking Violet therapists.

Now, I know that a common complaint about such a move from any company is that it cheapens the brand. There have in the past been instances of professional products being sold to any Tom, Dick or Sally, but Tibby Olivier have assured me that this will not be the case.

Sally’s have been given a database of Tibby Olivier trained therapists and this will be checked at the till point before selling any Shrinking Violet products. Not only will Sally’s be selling the products, they will also be offering training courses with the help of the Tibby Oliver professional trainers. These measures have been taken to uphold the integrity of the brand and protect the professionals who have invested time and money into their specialist training.

So, instead of worrying that another professional brand just sold out, you can enjoy the benefits of having one of your favourite products in easy reach without the worry of it falling into the wrong hands.

If you have any enquiries about this exciting venture, please contact Tibby Olivier directly on 03332 07 07 71.

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