What Should I Offer As Part Of A Beauty Therapy Course Price?


When you have finished writing a course you may think all the hard work is done, but there are more factors to consider when making a course available than just its content.

These days the beauty training market has been flooded with private training schools and their relevant courses. This can make it overwhelming for a student to choose between all the courses on offer, and so this is why you need to consider what, if anything, extra you should include in your course price.


Many courses such as facials, nail enhancements and waxing will require you to provide a range of products for use during the training. If your training is geared around a particular brand, or if there is a brand that you particularly favour, you may want to consider doing a deal with that supplier to offer the products to your students. Most suppliers offer starter or student kits which would be ideal for you to retail. You can either sell these to your students separately or include them in the course price as an extra selling point.


All practical training courses will need a demonstration and the students will need to practice the skill. Some courses will ask the students to hone their skills on each other, however, this can limit the amount of time each student gets to practice. Other schools will ask the students to bring their own model with them, which is not always possible. If your classes are small enough, providing models for students to work on can be an enticing feature.


It may seem basic, but including refreshments and lunch for courses that go over a period of time can be attractive.


You should always offer a certificate of qualification for students who pass your course. Some accrediting bodies and suppliers will charge for you to provide their certificates. You should make sure that you include this cost in your course price as students are likely to be put off by having to pay to get the qualification they have earned.

There will always be a number of costs that you will need to absorb. You need to take these into consideration when setting your prices so that you are considered reasonable whilst still making a profit. The more things that you can advertise as being included in your course, the more attractive the course will appear.

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