Could Poor Hygiene Cost You Your Business?


A training course in beauty therapy is an exciting thing, but as one woman in Australia has now discovered, it is sometimes the more boring elements that are the most important.

Chloe Holdway has had two infected nails removed after an acrylic nail treatment left her bleeding and in pain. Ms Holdway is now pursuing the salon in an effort to make them accept responsibility.

Whilst this case is an extreme one, it illustrates the importance of a full and thorough understanding of hygiene and sterilisation. Despite the fact that it is not the sexiest aspect of a training course, it is a necessary one. By failing to correctly follow strict hygiene standards you can infect any number of clients with a range of bacteria.

Poor hygiene can lead to anything from an infected nail to spread of a variety of nasty viruses and diseases. This can mean that your clients are at risk of all manner of health concerns which could end up being very serious.

If your clients are at risk, then so is your business. The infection of a client can not only ruin your reputation but could also leave you open to being sued. If you are a therapist who chooses to work without insurance then you will have no-one to pick up the cost of any claims and your business is at serious risk.

Even those with insurance could find themselves in a sticky situation. If your insurance requires you to maintain accepted standards of hygiene then you may not be covered if it is deemed that you have failed to do this.

A good knowledge of hygiene does not take long to learn but will keep your clients and business safe, leaving you free to really enjoy the treatments that you offer.

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