Carlton Institute Goes Into Liquidation


This week has seen the massive training school Carlton Institute go into liquidation. So, what does this mean for their students?

It has been confirmed on the company’s website that the Carlton Institute has ceased trading and gone into liquidation.

The Carlton Institute was one of the largest beauty training schools in the UK, with centres all around the country. It is not yet clear what caused the difficulties that left the company in trouble, but it does mean that many students are left wondering what happens next.

If you are enrolled on a national qualification such as NVQ or VTCT then you should contact the examining body. They should be able to put you in touch with other assessors who can help you complete your qualification.

If you have booked a shorter, private qualification through the Carlton Institute then it is unlikely you will be able to complete the course. You will need to contact the administrators who are handling the liquidation of the company to be added to the list of creditors. You may get your money back eventually but it is likely to be a slow process.

The advice for anyone needing information is to contact Samantha Todman of Leonard Curtis on 020 7535 7000 or email

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