Becoming Part Of A Beauty Therapy Training Franchise


Setting up and running a training school can be an expensive business. One way to counter this is by becoming part of a beauty therapy training franchise. This has both pros and cons but can be an effective way to increase your client base.

Whilst there are many individual private training schools across the country, there are also a number of a larger schools looking for a range of widespread locations.

The Positives

If you opt to become part of a larger company then you will take on their name and branding. This means that you will be incorporated into all of their marketing and they can take bookings on your behalf. This will help to increase the number of students you get through your doors and you may also receive support with running costs and product costs.

The Negatives

One of the biggest elements of marketing is your reputation. As an individual training school you are fully in control of this, but as a franchise you will be tainted by the larger company’s reputation, whether that is good or bad. You will have to deliver the courses that the company provides and so if these are not up to your standards you may find that your standing is affected by this.

Whilst you may see an increase in the number of students in your classes, you will not benefit from all of the revenue that this brings in. The larger company will take their share from all of the bookings and so your profits may not increase as much as you expect them to.

Making The Move

Most large training schools are looking for established schools to become part of their organisation. If you are located in an area of the country that they do not currently cover, you may find that they contact you with an offer. Alternatively, you could express an interest in becoming part of their team yourself.

The decision to become a franchise should not be taken lightly, and you should only sign up to a deal that works for you. It is worth spending money on a solicitor to look at the contract and make sure there are no loopholes or clauses that may catch you out. Remember, this is huge move for your business and livelihood so you should not take unnecessary risks.

If becoming a franchise is right for you then you may find that your business receives a whole new lease of life, just do your research first.

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