Does It Really Pay To Buy British?


There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the beauty products for your business, but does it ever cross your mind where in the world your products come from?

With such a variety of companies now entering the professional beauty market, your product shelves could be sourced from a mixture of the Far East, America and Europe. This has prompted the companies who are based a little closer to home to start shouting about their British heritage. Should this make a difference to your decision?

The short answer is yes!

The first thing to consider is the impact that buying British has on British jobs and the British economy. Only by supporting British brands will you be able to support this. You may see yourself as a very small cog in this very big wheel, but you should not underestimate the effect every customer can have.

I can honestly say that the first time I gave this subject any serious consideration was back in 2010. Many big brands who shipped their products from overseas started to suffer massive supply problems when the now infamous ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano took over our skies. Whilst the British based companies continued supplying their customers as normal, many others were left red-faced when they could not provide even basic items. Whilst a phenomenon like this will not happen often, it does make you think about what other problems could suddenly dry up a product line.

Those who make all their products in this country often have more control over what is being produced. This means that they can provide the products demanded by their own market, and can respond to what their customers want.

Whilst it is not nice to think about, some products are made in countries that do not share the same ethics as Britain. This could be anything from human rights, slave labour or animal testing. Take a good look at the home of your product and see if it is one you really want to give your money to.

It is now the case that some companies have been swallowed up by massive multi-national conglomerates, which means their products will all be made in the cheapest location. Whilst that may be good for your bank balance, it also can mean that salons and their customers are not always at the heart of what they are making.

There are, of course, some fantastic products made overseas, and I am not trying belittle everything that comes into the country on a container ship. Some leading and very unique products come from all areas of the globe, and should not be discounted. The point is that you should consider carefully where your products come from, whether this outweighs the benefits of the products and what buying British means to you.

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